About the Conference

The aim of the Second International Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering & Applied Sciences (ICETEAS 19) is to bring together leading academic, scientists and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Engineering & Applied Sciences. This conference offers an opportunity to meet and discuss new ideas, assume at findings, and anticipate subsequent steps. Boundary between state of the art and revolutionary innovation constitute the computing frontiers that must be pushed forward to provide the support required for the further advancement of various fields of engineering & Applied Sciences.

One of the important aspects of ICETEAS 19 is its multidisciplinary and inter disciplinary nature which allows researchers from all wake of life to participate and enhance their skill and knowledge. This conference features invited keynote lectures and also double screen peer-reviewed paper presentations. The conference is open-end conference which means is not necessary to be an author or a presenter to attend you can be part of audience also. The multidisciplinary concept of the conference will focus on current advances in the research and its use in Engineering with particular focus on the growing popularity of interdisciplinary & role of academics, while sharing novel research and cutting-edge developments in the fields of Engineering. The outcome of the conference significantly contributes to the society by serving the expert community seeking to stimulate the development to improve lives throughout the world by providing innovative results.

We seek contributions on new emerging technologies, research & development going on in various domains of engineering & Applied Sciences by sharing and exchanging our views together.

Topics for Papers:

The Conference will cover following topics but not limited to:

Track 1: Computer Science and Engineering

Track 2: Electronics and Communication

Track 3: Electrical Engineering

Track 4: Civil Engineering

Track 5: Applied Science


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